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  Product Datasheet

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Product Highlights

  • Multi-host access to IBM mainframes and AS/400s, DEC, Linux and UNIX systems with Java-based browsers.
  • Supports full TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, TN5250E  connectivity.
  • 3270 emulation and 5250 emulation for both display and printer.
  • VT220 emulation for display.
  • SSL Security - 56-bit or strong encryption.
  • Aviva Security Redirector - SSL-enables non-SSL TN Gateways.
  • Platform independent client and server - runs on NT, UNIX, Linux, OS/390.
  • A powerful macro system - allows automation of user actions in display session.
  • Running as an application - once started via a browser, runs independently.
  • Applet caching eliminates repeated applet downloads with automatic version control.
  • Dynamic font resizing, graphical color and keyboard mapping.
  • Central deployment, management and configuration.
  • Printer session is activated automatically when the display session is activated.
  • Powerful APIs for custom client-based applications.
  • HLLAPI support for Windows applications.
  • Scales to any number of users.

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