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Maintenance Plus

The Aviva Maintenance Plus Program provides technical assistance with a response time of within one (1) business day, during normal local business hours (Eastern Time). Also included in the Maintenance Plus Plan, and all of our support programs, is product upgrade protection. As a Maintenance Plus Plan member, you will receive notification of software fixes, detailing when these are available and how to best obtain them. Queries or problems may be submitted via fax or e-mail.


Maintenance Plus


12 months

Notices of fixes and updates


Problem reporting delivery

E-mail, telephone and fax

Response Time

Within one (1) business day

Product Upgrades



Key Benefits

An available, responsive and effective team of experts
Aviva is committed to providing our partners and their customers with outstanding customer service. Aviva's Maintenance and Support programs provide you with rapid and accurate response worldwide. You and your customers will receive:

  • Assistance in deploying and implementing Aviva products
  • Priority access to Aviva Customer Support through single point of contact
  • Free software upgrades
  • Notice of software patches
  • Assistance with implementation, customization and maintenance of Aviva products
  • Troubleshooting and assistance in solution problem determination
  • Online service request entry system
  • Access to 1-800 toll free telephone number

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