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August 24 2006

Aviva Inc., a worldwide provider of secure host access and integration solutions, today announced the availability of Aviva terminal emulation solutions for the Apple MAC OS X platform.

Aviva now provides traditional TN3270, TN5250 and VT connectivity to IBM mainframe, AS/400, DEC and UNIX applications from a MAC desktop.

For over a decade, Aviva Solutions Inc., has provided solutions that help organizations around the world in manufacturing, transportation, financial, government, healthcare and the telecommunications industries leverage their investments in IT by providing comprehensive and secure host connectivity software solutions.

“With increased demand for our popular Aviva host connectivity solutions for the Apple MAC environment, Aviva now provides Apple MAC users with the same secure, reliable and affordable connectivity as our traditional Microsoft Windows customers,” said Mr. Val Lanzieri, President and CEO of Aviva Inc.

About AVIVA Connectivity Solutions

AVIVA Connectivity solutions provide TN3270, TN5250, VT connectivity to IBM mainframe, AS/400, DEC, UNIX applications.

Features of AVIVA Connectivity Solutions: 
- TCP/IP based connectivity (TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250E, VT220) 
- 3270 Display and Print, 5250 Display and Print, VT220 Display Emulations 
- Easy customization of display sessions via keyboard and color maps, hotspots, 3D mode, font selection 
- Multi Language Support (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish) 
- Secure Connectivity using SSL Encryption 
- Support for SOCKS Version 4 Protocol 
- Powerful Troubleshooting Diagnostics 
- A powerful macro system that provides automation of user actions in display session 
- Supports desktops running Windows 2000, XP, Linux, Unix & MAC OS X

About Aviva Inc.

Aviva Inc. is a division of Scanpak Inc., a diverse technology company and an industry leader in Wireless Networks, RFID Systems and Barcode Solutions. The Aviva division of Scanpak has for over ten years been providing secure host access and application integration solutions. The Aviva product line consists of a comprehensive family of host access and integration products that deliver host applications to the desktop PC, Web browser or mobile device over legacy, IP and wireless networks. Aviva Inc.’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporations around the world in manufacturing, transportation, financial, government, healthcare and telecommunications industries.



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