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This Windows 7 compliant version of Aviva for Desktops terminal emulation suite now supports TLS/SSL encryption and Windows integrated certificate management for its IBM mainframe, AS/400, DEC and UNIX secure connectivity.
November 17 2011

Montreal, Canada, November 17, 2011 Aviva Solutions Inc., leader in terminal emulation solutions, unveils its latest release of Aviva for Desktops, the secure connectivity solution for Mainframe, AS/400, DEC and UNIX systems. Aviva for Desktops version 12 now supports the latest encryption standards, while greatly simplifying client and server certificate management. It features significant usability enhancements, such as full screen mode and improved color mapping. This, along with its powerful automation and .NET integration, will give organizations the flexibility to seamlessly integrate to the business requirements of the enterprise.
Connect anywhere you go
Whether it be via a laptop or notebook, Aviva for Desktops helps one to connect as you go. With its enhanced security layer, you are assured your communication to mainframes, AS/400 or UNIX systems is safe and secure. To keep up to the demands of the airline and banking industries, Aviva for Desktops was built to give you the flexibility to connect to your network seamlessly and securely. This flexibility assures that no matter if you are in the office or travelling on business, you can securely communicate to your mission critical systems.
•Security Support
 Aviva for Desktops has redefined its security layer by extending its support to the latest cryptographic algorithms and standards.
 Automation of various processes has become easier than ever. DOTNET Framework has given the flexibility to various users to write applications to automate various operations. With enhanced support to VB.NET and C#, applications could be written to communicate to mainframes, AS/400, DEC and UNIX hosts. Such automation is the key to cost cutting and help automate business processes.

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Aviva Solutions Inc. has provided secure host access and application integration solutions for over 20 years. The Aviva product line consists of a comprehensive family of host access and integration products that deliver host applications to the desktop PC, Web browser or mobile device over legacy, IP and wireless networks. Aviva Solutions Inc.’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporations around the world in the manufacturing, transportation, financial, government, educational, healthcare and telecommunications sectors.
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